Drone Strobes


Drones are here to stay so we made the DS-30-1 Full hemisphere drone strobe.  This strobe incorporates the same 4 white CREE LEDs used in our Government tested long range visual distress signal device. The FAA supports our 5 mile full hemisphere strobes for all unmanned “UAV and Drone” COA and Part 107 applications.   Aircraft pilots must be able to see a white or red flashing strobe on a drone or aircraft from all angles, not in just one direction.  The DS-30 Drone Strobe technology was tested in a US Coast Guard evaluation, and the only compact strobe that was that was visible for over 5 miles at night.


Anyone who owns a drone needs strobes for everyone’s safety and your personal liability operating your unmanned aircraft.  Drones are hard to keep track of visually in flight especially below the horizon and against blending backgrounds.  Customers report they can locate their drones faster after taking their eyes off of them.  Our DS-30 Drone Strobes are a must for FAA COA and 107 night waivers.