DS-30A-1 Drone Strobes

North American Survival Systems manufactures high intensity LED Strobe Signal products.  This technology is ideal for the UAV, UAS, and the Drone industry.

The DS-30A-1 LED Board consists of 4 Cree LED’s, one centered with a side emitter lens, and three in a spaced relationship to the center LED.  They are driven by a patented process, delivering very high output with minimal current draw.  The unit sits in a machined and anodized aluminum housing with a clear polycarbonate dome that protects the LEDs from the environment and rough landings. Customers reported extended line of sight in daylight at 600 meters to a mile. While independent Government tests report light being visible over 5 nautical miles at night. Operates on 4.5 to 24.0 VDC and weighs 14 GR. These strobes come in a variety of colors – White, Red, Green, and Blue.