Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our products. If you don’t see the answer you are looking for, please email me at [email protected].


Does the electronic flare float?

It doesn’t float, although it is water resistant to a depth of 50 feet. When you’re on the water, I recommend tethering it to a life vest or using the wrist lanyard. It can also be tucked into an internal pocket.  I wear mine mounted upside down so I don’t have to look at the very bright signal and it is still brighter than anything on the market.

Does it have additional functions?

No, just the on/off push button on the base.  Multiple functions could be confusing in an emergency, plus they put drain on the life of the battery you may need for an emergency.

Is the light visible in daylight?

Yes, it is that bright! customers report up to a mile in daylight.  From a search aircraft flying overhead, it would be highly visible from all standard search altitudes. No other strobe claims to be visible in daylight.

Can I replace the batteries, and how often do I change them?

Yes, the two CR-123 lithium batteries are easy to change and are available in most stores.  We recommend replacing the batteries every 5 years or after continued operation. The strobe will run at full power for 15 hours and still put out a highly visible signal for over 35 hours.

Is it safe for anyone to operate?

Absolutely. There are no flames, fire, smoke or sparks generated by the electronic flare.

Are there other uses besides emergencies?

Certainly. You can use it for crossing a busy street, standing out in a crowd, providing additional security at home, marking a location, alerting oncoming boats or automobile traffic, or showing your position for any reason.


Why should I have a strobe on my drone?

Safety is the primary purpose of having a strobe on your drone.  The obvious benefit to the operator is the ability to see and fly your drone further in varying light conditions.  The benefit to other observers is primarily safety in visually avoiding midair collisions and people contact with your drone.  See the customer reviews on the drone strobe product page.

How do I attach the DS-30 strobe to my drone?

Attach to any flat surface of the drone, using a non-abrasive adhesive.  3M Velcro strips work great.

How do I power the DS-30 strobe?

Customers report good results from a 9 Volt lithium battery and case with an on/off switch.  This lightweight addition will not shorten ships battery flight time and helps locate the drone in case of ships power failure. 

Are the DS-30A-1 and the EF-30A-3 strobes FAA approved for night flight on drones?

Yes, police and commercial operators have approved night flight authorization from the FAA using the EF-30A-3 and the DS-30A-1 as stated in their COAs.

Can the EF-30A-3 be used as self contained Drone Strobes?

Yes.  These strobes have their own batteries and on off switch.  Simply attach to a gear leg and you are ready to go. Weighs 4.5 oz.

Didn’t see the answer you are looking for, please email me at [email protected].