The EF-30A-1 “LIGHTNING” White and IR Long Range Strobe Light is the BRIGHTEST in the industry.











Be Seen – Be Saved!     ORDER NOW

The EF-30A-1 Electronic Flare is simply your best choice because it is visible up to two miles in daylight and it also has IR LEDs so the those searching with Night Vision equipment can see you at night.   With the EF-30A-1 rescuers could see your position MILES before they see a weaker strobe saving search time and saving you..   A good reason to buy the EF-30A-1 signal device is for you to BE SEEN and BE SAVED when needed.  The EF-30A-1 is a smart choice    ORDER NOW









We have six different DS-30A-1 MAGNUM drone strobes for use in FAA approved Drone Anti Collision and Navigation lighting:  See the reviews and ORDER NOW

Unlike flat board LED strobes, the DS-30A-1 strobes are highly visible from all directions.  They flash just like an aircraft strobe and are designed to prevent drone collisions with aircraft and people.  The benefit to the drone operator is you can maintain visual line of sight much further and have safer control of the drone.  Commercial Drone Operators reported seeing their UAVs and Drones up to twice as far in the daylight with the DS-30A-1.    ORDER NOW.

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