Be Seen – Be Saved! 


The person in the water is holding a Pyrotechnic flare that will soon burn out.  His other hand holds a North American Survival Systems EF-20A-1 WHITE Lightning Electronic Flare.

The EF-20A-1 White Lightning is around 5 times brighter than the leading rescue lights and runs for many hours.

This Strobe is the best choice to effectively signal attention to your situation.  All North American Survival Systems strobes flash the FAA and Coast Guard Approved one flash per second and exceed Approval standards for range and intensity.

Having this Essential Gear with you means you may be seen earlier and rescued quicker by anyone looking at you.  Click on the picture to BUY ONE NOW and add the Electronic Flares to your ESSENTIAL GEAR and safety equipment checklist.




Unlike other LED strobes, the DS-30 drone strobes are highly visible from all directions.  They are like an aircraft strobe designed to prevent drone collisions with aircraft and drone contact with people. 

The additional benefits to the drone operator is they can maintain visual sight and control of their drone up to twice as far in the daylight.

We have several drone anti collision strobes and drone navigation lighting:  We are the only Government tested full hemisphere LED strobe on the market.    The FAA recognizes our 5 mile technology for COA and 107 Waivers applicants using North American Survival Systems DS-30 and EF-20A-1 drone strobes.

BUY ONE NOW and Light up your sky with a DS-30 Drone Strobe.  Click on the drone photo to see our strobes.

United States Coast Guard Alternatives to Pyrotechnics Test Report. 
See our product #19 on pages 5 and 20.  We were the only compact strobe seen at 5 miles compared to other products tested.  
Download and read the USCG test reportADA558775