Be Seen – Be Saved! When someone is looking for you.


The New EF-30A-1 White and IR LED Strobe – Electronic Flare continues the legacy of the acclaimed EF-20A-1 Lightning and EF-10A-1 LED Electronic Flare, as the latest from North American Survival Systems.

The person in the water is holding a red hot flare that will soon burn out.  In his other hand is the New EF-30A-1 Electronic Flare.  

This New White and IR LED Strobe-Electronic Flare is a high intensity White and IR LED Strobe specifically designed for one purpose and with one function-push the button on the base-to be seen and be saved.  It operates an effective signal of over 35 hours and the brightest signal product means you can be seen better.

What Practical Sailor magazine wrote about the EF-20A-1  “When the spray settled after all our testing, the Lightning Electronic Flare from North American Survival Systems had out-shone its competitors and garnered top meter readings, the brightest light signature at 100 yards, and most noticeable light at .62 nautical miles. This is our recommended light for manual activation.”  Practical Sailor magazine, (Feb, 2016)

The new White and IR LED configuration of the EF-30A-1 is Compact and convenient to carry inside your vest or in your pocket.  The USCG, Military, Border Patrol, and Police are currently requiring IR capability in any new distress signal product because they CANNOT SEE white LEDs with NVG equipment.  The EF-30A-1 Electronic Flare is a handheld LED strobe that is visible to the naked eye using white LEDs, and just those Search and Rescue assets using night vision goggles.   A vital piece of safety gear for boaters, kayakers, and all outdoor enthusiast.  As a courtesy, we tell you ahead of time that it is a much brighter light than expected.

 Buy one now and add our New Electronic Flare to your safety equipment checklist.



As drones and unmanned aerial vehicles become increasingly popular, we realized that it would require some form of brilliant warning light, thus, we introduced the North American Survival Systems DS-30 drone strobe series.  It is the same Government tested 5 mile technology we use in the signal products. 

Drone manufacturers and operators realize that there is a liability involved with drones operating in air space and around the public.  They must be highly visible from all directions in order to prevent drone collisions with aircraft and contact avoidance with people. 

We have the following colors for drone strobe and drone navigation lighting, white, red, blue, green, plus IR and IR /white strobes for military and police.  We are to date the only full hemisphere LED strobe on the market.  Click on the drone photo to Buy one now and Light up your sky with a DS-30 Drone Strobe.