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search and rescue products

About North American Survival Systems LLC,
a Search & Rescue products company

We are a Washington state corporation located in Poulsbo, Washington.  Founder, Jim O’Meara, a USMC Veteran, has tens of thousands of hours of Alaskan bush flying including 40 years of Search & Rescue experience.

Additionally, our engineering team, led by Morton Sunshine, has over 60 years of experience in Search and Rescue, plus other technical areas.

Some of their experience includes areas and projects from the following:

  • Redstone and Jupiter missiles – Guidance and Control Computers.
  • Design of SDU-5/E Zenon Strobe, a Search and Rescue aid for all U.S. Military branches and allies.
  • Design of Rescue aid Strobe Light for U.S. Navy Large Rafts.
  • Design of Aircraft Dropped Markers (containing Transmitter and Strobe light) for use on the Atlantic and Pacific Missile test ranges.
  • The design of water-activated Life Jacket Lights, that are Coast Guard approved, powered by Silver Chloride battery and others powered by Copper Chloride battery.
  • Recovery Drone Lights for Military Aircraft converted to remote operation.
  • Recovery Torpedo Lights for new generation Torpedo Navy Testing.
  • Designing of the IR lights for the Navy version F-18 Fighter Aircraft.
  • Design of a remote-controlled intense light for use on a U2 aircraft.
  • The design of the recovery lights for the Mercury Space Capsule.
  • Design of On-Board Recovery transmitter on Gemini Space Capsule.
  • Design of recovery lights and transmitters on several exploratory satellite probes.

Moreover, this experience has proved to be invaluable in the creation of the LED technology we use in the Visual Distress Signals for the Search and Rescue products, and the UAV/Drone Strobe products as well.  We knew what was needed and we built it.

The company is currently headed by CEO, Deborah O’Meara.