EF-30A-3 LIGHTNING Long Range Safety Flare Strobe Light


It all comes down to you being seen.   The 4 white and 3 infrared LEDs are easily seen with the naked eye at night over 10 miles away and with the night vision equipment used by military search and rescue aircraft.  The EF-30A-3 product was the brightest and seen the furthest out of all personal strobe products tested by Practical Sailor and is United States Coast Guard certified.  This is the most effective Visual Distress Signal, so get an EF-30A-3 today.
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According to recent tests of personal rescue strobes, it was obvious that the weaker lights and strobes will force you to wait for someone to come within a mile or so to hopefully see and rescue you. The EF-30A-3 Lightning is a very long-range personal strobe light with a combination of white and infrared LEDs. Coast Guard and search aircraft will easily locate this personal rescue strobe from over 10 miles in any direction at night whether you are tied to a dock or drifting miles away from shore. The EF-30A-3 is a very effective personal distress signal device in daylight up to a mile as well. Search and Rescue is hard work so, Be Seen and Be Saved with the EF-30A-3 Lightning.

The EF-30A-3 is now US Coast Guard Certified under 161.012/108/0 for search and rescue and safety. Add the EF-30A-3 to your emergency gear, you will be glad you did.

Spec for EF-30A-3

  • Housing: Anodized Aircraft Aluminum.
  • Switch:  Push button on bottom ON/OFF.
  • Lens Cover:  Polycarbonate.
  • Water Test: 50 ft.
  • Operation:  12 hours full output Visual plus Infared.
  • Flash rate: 60/minute nominal
  • Viewing Angle: 180 Degrees. Full upper hemisphere.
  • Tested Night Visibility:  Over 10 Nautical Miles.
  • Tested Day Visibility:     Over 1 Nautical Mile
  • Light Source:  4 Cool White LEDs plus 3 IR LEDs.
  • Length:   5.0
  • Width:     1.215 In.
  • Weight:    5.0 Oz with batteries.
  • Battery type: 2 CR-123 Lithium, 10 year storage shelf life.

US Pat 8,646,938  US Pat 8,220,950 USCG 161.012/108/0 Safety, Search and Rescue

Man in water photo credit, Ralph Naranjo      

United States Coast Guard Alternatives to Pyrotechnics Test Report. 
See our product #19 on pages 5 and 20.  We were the only compact strobe seen at 5 miles compared to other products tested.  
Download and read the USCG test report. ADA558775 


Additional information

Weight 4.2 oz
Dimensions 4.8 × 1.215 × 1.215 in


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