EF-30A-1 White and IR LED Strobe


  • Length:   4.8 In.
  • Width:     1.215 In.
  • Weight:    4.2 Oz with batteries.
  • Light Type: Visible and IR LED Strobe
  • Battery type: 2 CR-123 Lithium, 5 year storage shelf life
  • Candela:  300
  • Strobe flash rate: 60 per minute.
  • Battery Life: over 35 hours
  • Case Material:  Anodized aircraft aluminum.
  • Dome Material:  Polycarbonate.
  • Housing: Anodized Aircraft Aluminum.
  • Switch:  Push button on bottom ON/OFF.
  • Lens Cover:  Polycarbonate.
  • Battery:  2 CR-123 Lithium.
  • Water Test: 50 ft.
  • Operation:  Over 35 Hrs.
  • Flash rate: 60/minute nominal.
  • Viewing Angle: Full upper hemisphere.
  • Tested Night Visibility:  Over 10 Nautical Miles.
  • Tested Day Visibility:    Over  1 Nautical Mile
  • Light Source:  4 White and 3 IR LEDs.
  • Exceeds USCG Approval standards.
US Pat 8,646,938  US Pat 8,220,950
United States Coast Guard Alternatives to Pyrotechnics Test Report. 
See our product #19 on pages 5 and 20.  We were the only compact strobe seen at 5 miles compared to other products tested.  
Download and read the USCG test report. ADA558775 

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The new White and IR LED configuration of the EF-30A-1 is Compact and convenient to carry inside your vest or in your pocket.  The USCG, Military, Border Patrol, and Police are currently requiring IR capability in any new distress signal product because they CANNOT SEE white LEDs with NVG equipment.  The EF-30A-1 Electronic Flare is a handheld LED strobe that is visible to the naked eye as well as Search and Rescue assets using night vision goggles.  A vital piece of safety gear for boaters, kayakers, and all outdoor enthusiast.  As a courtesy, we tell you ahead of time that it is a much brighter light than expected.

Additional information

Weight 4.2 oz
Dimensions 4.8 x 1.215 x 1.215 in


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