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The New EF-30A-3 White and IR LED LONG RANGE STROBE LIGHT  – Electronic Flare continues the long legacy of the acclaimed EF-30A-1 Lightening, the EF-20A-1 LED Electronic Flare, and the EF-10A-1 as the latest from North American Survival Systems.

The EF-30A-3 (long range strobe light) is visible to both the naked eye plus Search and Rescue assets using IR night vision goggles making it a most effective Visual Distress Signal for boaters, kayakers, and all outdoor enthusiast.  Don’t waste their time or your life with a distress signal that cannot be seen.  The US military has many aircraft flying our coast line at night using ENHANCED IR vision goggles,  which can see our EF-30A-3  High powered infer- red signal.

Man in water photo credit, Ralph Naranjo


North American Survival Systems LLC is a Washington state  corporation located in Poulsbo Washington.  CEO Jim O’Meara has tens of thousands of hours of Alaskan bush flying including 40 years of Search & Rescue experience.  He is the inventor of many unique safety products in use throughout the world.

Research led to the development of powerful LED technology with the company’s current marine LED signal product designs.  Other applications for the LED strobe satisfied the safety demands on recreational, commercial, and police drones benefitting from the proven EF-20A-1 and EF-30A-1 patented technology.

The company’s principals are experts on Search & Rescue products designed and developed over the last century, and their vast experience is put into every product they build.

Their goal is simple, make products so you can Be Seen – Be Safe – Be Saved.




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