• Housing: Anodized Aircraft Aluminum.
  • Lens Cover:  Polycarbonate.
  • Weatherproof
  • Flash rate: 60/minute nominal.
  • Viewing Angle: Full upper hemisphere.
  • Tested Night Visibility:  Over 10 Nautical Miles.
  • Tested Day Visibility:     Up to 1 Nautical Mile
  • Light Source:  4 CREE LEDs.
  • Height:     0.840 In.
  • Width:     1.225 In.
  • Weight:    15 Grams
  • Light Type: LED Strobe
  • Candela:  Over 200
  • Operating Voltage: 4.2 to 11 VDC MAX
  • At 4.5 VDC. flash current is 0.96 Amps. Average current input 0.077 Amps.
  • At 6.0 VDC. flash current is 0.70 Amps. Average current input 0.056 Amps.
  • At 7.5 VDC. flash current is 0.55 Amps. Average current input 0.044 Amps.
  • At 9.0 VDC. flash current is 0.46 Amps. Average current input 0.037 Amps.
  • Use BEC or Lithium batteries under 11.0 VDC.


US Pat 8,646,938  US Pat 8,220,950


The DS-30A-1 Green Magnum Drone Strobe meets FAA requirements for Navigational Lighting on fixed wing and rotor drones.  It is normally placed on the starboard forward flight side of the aircraft with the DS-30A-1 Red Magnum Drone Strobe on the opposite Port side of the aircraft.  The DS-30A-1 Green Magnum Drone Strobe is an affordable and effective means to identify SAR drones and Incident Command Centers in the field.  Green is the most visible color to the naked eye.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1.225 × 1.225 × .084 in


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